Samantha Wills Photo Comp

These are my entries for a photo competition held by Samantha Wills. All applicants that enter all 5 days receive a $25 gift voucher, woohoo!! The winner is the best 5 photos as a collective. Mine don’t really flow that well, as well as the first one being out of focus and 4th one being over edited, so i know that i can’t win, but it was fun….

Day 1 – Something Wonderful

Day 2 – Something worth waiting for

Day 3 -Something Wanderlust

Day 4 – Something with no boundaries

Day 5 – Something Written


What to Do??

Now that Brendon is back, time to hang up the reverse travel journal, which I’m kinda sad about. Sure it took up too much of my time, but I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to squeeze a whole day in to one post (and make it seem interesting lol) and continue to try and be imaginative with pictures. Our next trip is to Melbourne at the end of August for APPT, we’ll be staying  a week and i have plenty of city exploring planned.

In between that time and now, i’ll be doing the occasional review on as practice for a writing course i’m beginning in August.

Peace out Amigo’s!


Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Fog SUCKS!

I can’t believe Brendon has been away for 6 weeks and the day he is meant to fly in a thick fog like i have never seen before settles over Sydney and his flight is redirected to Brisbane!

This was lucy’s reaction when he finally did get home!

Yesterday we went over to the Uni campus to work on a talk. All the buildings there are so gorgeous and make you feel like you are at Hogwarts.

Samantha Wills photo comp day 3 entry – ‘Something Wanderlust’ (everyone is obsessed with this word atm hey?)

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Reverse Travel Journal 1 – 2 Sleeps!

Entered day 1 of a Samantha Wills photo competition today with this pic…

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Pretty boring at work today, just did some r&h sketches…

And I’m obsessed with taking pictures of food now….

It rained today so no walk for Lucy. Here is a vid from yesterday though….

Only 1 more day!!!