Vegas Trip 2 – Day 6

Rough day today. Woke up vomiting and feeling pretty bad. Still maintain that it was totally worth it. Brendo went off to play day 3 of the 5k but came back an hour later, had busted 36th.

I wasn’t in a state to do much so we went to the cinemas in Palms and watched Ted. It was pretty funny, but i’m a pretty big Marky Mark fan already.

Our friends Eric, Lizzy and Dave had arrived in Vegas so we met them at the Premium North outlets for a quick shop. I stopped in at Fashion Show Mall again to hit up Topshop to find something to wear for dinner, tried on at least 20 dresses, but finally settled on this cute black skirt… was only $50 and can be worn in oh so many ways.

We had a fashionably late dinner at Lavo in Palazzo with Eric, Lizzie and Dave. I had been wanting to go here for ages, and was worth the wait. Great service, gorgeous atmosphere, unbelievable crumbed rice and pea balls and the most amazing deep fried oreos. We went back to Palms after to play Pai Gow (those $10 tables are hard to find)


Vegas Trip 2 – Day 5

Brendon went back for day 2 of the 5k event at Rio and was chip leader by the end of the day!

I did some work by the pool, went for lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe with jamie and visited Brendo on the rail until his dinner break when he came and picked me up and we went for dinner at one of our Fave places called Mr Sandwich.

I spent the next 3 hours dancing around our room getting ready to go with Jamie to meet friends of his at Marquee nightclub in Cosmopolitan. It was the best! I danced all night to an amazing DJ i’d never heard of but in this club, it doesn’t matter. It really puts any nightclub in Australia to shame. 3 levels, 4 dance floors, a pool, cabanas, beautiful big booths, and crazy good dancers. Had such a great night until about 5am when i left the club and some sleeze-ball tried to force me to make out with him and my cab driver nearly beat him. Haha. Fun times. Cannot believe i didn’t take any pics!! Cray.

Vegas Trip 2 – Day 4

Today Brendon played day 1 of the 5k tourney at the Rio so i took jay & Vic out to Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood. Vic and i shopped while Jay ran is money up on Pai Gow.

Jay generously used his winnings to pay for lunch at one of their favourite restaurants called PF Chang’s.

Back at Palms Vic and i got our nails done before her and Jay jumped on a bus to Tucson to visit her cousin. I meet Brendon, Jackie, Jamie and Grant at TGIF in Gold Coast on their dinner break.

I really wanted to go to a party called Duck Pool Party that Palms hold every Thursday in the Palms Place pool so i got ready but i really had no one to go with. Sad story right?

Jamie was keen to play some Pai Gow so we went down and had a couple of drinks. I lost my $100 bank roll in like 10 mins, which NEVER happens. Jamie wanted to play some cash game poker so i took that as a good op to get some sleep anyway.

Vegas Trip 2 – Day 3

Woke up ridiculously sick. I kinda knew it was gonna catch up with me. But we had planned to drive to the outlets in Primm Valley with Jay & Vic, so i threw down some Pep-to Bismal and hoped it would go away. These outlets are about 40mins outside Vegas but totally worth it. Great shopping. We were there for about 4 hours.

We ran a few errands on the strip, and checked out Encore which i think is the most beautiful hotel of all….

Today i found out my new Samsung takes panoramic photos! How cool is that?!?!?

Had Lee’s Sandwiches for dinner (trying a healthier option) and got these weird little custards cakes…

Tried to get to bed at an early time of 2am so i would feel better for the next day. Jay & Vic moved into our room today while they decided where they were headed to next.

Vegas Trip 2 – Day 2

Took Brendon to finally get his hair cut. I think a lot of people were happy with this, but mostly me…

Took a while to realise we had to bribe the valet at the Rio to jump start Brendon’s hire car, but it was $15 well spent….

Then we went to my favourite place in Vegas – Fashion Show Mall.

But before shopping Brendon needs fuel, so first some lunch at RA Sushi…

After we had decked Brendo out in a new wardrobe, (and bought me the cutest lil’ denim backpack) we met jay, Vic, Adam & Matt at KISS glow in the dark Mini golf. Yeah, awesome.

Vegas Trip 2 – Day 1

My flight with United was pretty average. Not that i cared, i was too busy dying of excitement to get to Vegas and to Brendon. Unsuccessfully tried to drink my way through the flight…


Arrived only 30 minutes to late to watch Jackie place second in the 2.5k at the Rio.

Brendon met me at Palms Place (our new home) and we headed to a mexican place we love called El Segundo where the celebrations had already begun. I decided to push through the jet lag and not worry about the consequences, so i hit the margaritas hard.

After drinks we went to a Hookah Lounge and smoked favoured tobacco until we were all pretty much sick.

Reverse Travel Journal 1 – 80’s Rock Bonanza


I lose a day in the air so It will seem like I’ve missed a day blogging but not really, promise i’ll make up for ti later. I spent the morning packing, cleaning and preparing the house. Lucy and I walked to the store to stock up on toys and goodies for luce while I’m away…

It was convenient that we had organised for the boxo crew to share dinner and a movie tonight, so also was kind of a farewell dinner for 2 people that are leaving the Seymour, and me of course. We ate at a place called Baja Cantina on Glebe point road. Great Mexican and amazing sangria, although I spent a lot of time on the phone to you hehe.

After dinner we saw Rock Of Ages at Broadway. It’s actually a bit of a musical?!? So i’m glad i didn’t take you to see it. I don’t think it is your kind of movie. The best part was the soundtrack. All the best 80’s rock ballads; may as well have taken me to a karaoke bar…

I caught the train home and had so much energy(from being so excited)/scared(from walking home so late) i ran home in my odd socks. A creepy taxi driver kept asking me to get in his cab and he’d take me home, but i’m not silly…

Anyway, i’m off to bed to get plenty of sleep for my journey tomorrow.

The next time you hear from me i’ll be looking at you :0