In And Around

Trip 1: Thailand July 2010

When Brendon and i first made it official, he whisked me off on a spontaneous 10 day trip to Thailand. Booked one day and left the next. We flew into Patong, then caught a boat over to Phi Phi Island. This is where i first learnt to play poker.  We also camped on ‘The Beach’  and made some great friends. It was an amazing first trip together.

Trip 2: Cairns November 2010

I booked this 5 day trip for us amidst a stressful time for Brendon and i with a heavy workload. I decided we needed a break. And Cairns is  a pretty chilled out place.

Trip 3:  USA June-July 2011

Headed for vegas via Lala land with my boyfriend Brendon Rubie, professional poker player and amazing boyfriend, on his quest to win a World Series Of Poker bracelet.

Trip 4 : NYC April 2012

The motherland. New York City. All i’ve ever wanted in life. This is a girls trip. Hales, Jess and i ripping life up at Coachella in Palm Springs before hitting up the big city to strut through Times Square.

Trip 5 :Las Vegas July 2012

An impromptu trip to Las Vegas to be with Brendon.

Trip 6 : Hunter Valley September 14-16th 2012

We joined 2 couple friends of ours on a trip to Hunter Valley for the weekend for golfing, tennis, wine & chocolate.



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