Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Chorizo & Beards

The girl that I at worked with today just flew back from Africa and had conjunctivitis. Her eyes were all red and she wad saying she was gonna sanitize her hands all day but conjunctivitis is highly contagious!! Especially in a tiny office were we work next to each other. It’s airborne, so sanitizing your hands is not going to help me feel better about your eye mucas. I spent all day trying to work with my eyes half closed and kept washing my face and hoping she wouldn’t notice my paranoia.

Other issues today included a potential spider-bite and the beard rash i seem to have contracted by using some of your mens face moisturizer. Seriously. if i actually grow a beard I’m suing.

Anyway, I was supposed to go to the markets tonight but was tempted to stay home by Suzi’s chicken, mushroom, tomato and CHORIZO pasta. Soooo good.

Hope you’re having fun! Hurry up and come home already!!!!

5 days



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