Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 15

Wow what a long week! So happy for the weekend. As you know I broke my sugar free today, I was having sympathy sadness for you, serious.

I’m so excited to see you on Monday! I can’t wait!

2 days




Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 14

Followed you online today. Loved your interview, you have great charisma lol.


After work I went around to my boss Cathie’s house to scope it out as a shoot location, she has lots of cool old furniture and stuff, you know, vintage stuff lol. She even had old dog/toe tags from world war 2!! They were really cool.




3 Days


Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 13


So over work at the moment. The last couple of days have been amazing weather and i hate being stuck in an air conditioned office not being able to do my own work. But this  mug cheers me up 🙂


Getting so much better everyday at running our circuit. Feels great that  now i can finally keep up with Lucy. We’ll take you when you get back.


I started knitting a scarf for the photoshoot and Lucy loves the ball of wool like a cat! She’s stopped trying to eat the wool now but she watches me knit like a looney.

4 days



Reverse Travel journal # 3 -Day 12


Worst night ever. I’m not sure whether the bed was actually infested with fleas that i couldn’t see or whether i’m just driving myself crazy. Either way i slept with no sheets on in the cold and with the light on, which for some reason helped?  I need you there to tell me if i’m going crazy.

Anyway, switched to soy last week and really loving it now.

Headed down the gong and had dinner with the crew at Karley & Marks new house. Lucy came with me, was a long drive for her and she vomited twice.

Here are some pics of our trip…

PicMonkey Collage

And, this is my screensaver now<3


I have made up a healthy living diet for you when you get back so live up your last few days there buddy.

5 Days


Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 10

Finally got to yoga again today. Really  great and very relaxing, if only i could get out of my own head for once.

Then another solid day of eBaying. I’m about 3/4 of the way through my stuff and getting close to reaching my 1k goal.

Took Lucy out for a run around while it wasn’t raining and got attacked by birds. Standard.

PicMonkey Collage

So, for some reason Lucy really loves going to bed now? Every night she stands by the stairs and waits for me to got to bed, and every time i get up she runs up the stairs and goes to her bed.  Until she realises i’m not coming and comes back down haha, she so funny.

 Good luck today.

Only 1 week left!


Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 9

What a weird kinda lazy but really busy day.  It poured rain again today so Goose was bored out of her brains of course.

Todd and i skyped  this morning for the first time in like a year which was nice and I’m uber excited to see him in a few weeks.

After some sewing, David helped me brainstorm some money making schemes but we didn’t get very far haha. So i spent the rest of the day and night posting about $300 worth of crap up on eBay, Hopefully  i can get double that back. And i’ll do it all again tomorrow (i have a lot of crap).

I was going to actually leave the house tonight to visit Hugh & Haley at an event Hugh was throwing but the anxiety i have been having this last week brought on a migraine and i ended up drugging up and working very slowly.

I  tested myself today. I decided to give myself a weekend pass from my sugar free diet but when i got to woolies i only ended up buying sugar free anyway! I guess I’m just used to it now. I really wanted to treat myself though so i grabbed this Cherry Ripe, mostly so i could do this…


I’m sorry you didn’t get to watch the Mariners game.

Good luck today & i hope you feel better. We miss you. ❤

8 Days