About Laraine…

 Welcome fellow bloggers/random blog stalkers! If you don’t know me, my name is Laraine and i hope to blog every adventure that i am blessed enough to have.

My desire to keep this blog was inspired by the determination of Savannah Rubie, who fullfilled her new years resolution of tenaciously posting every single day of the year without fail.

I guess like everyone else i wanted a creative way to document my adventures, although being on the road doesn’t leave much time for the amount of photo editing i would like to commit to these project, but i’ll do my best. IPhone/Galaxy pics and all.

Brendon however is very patient and stands silently by while i change all the settings on my camera and has become very helpful at changing lenses efficiently. But yeah, i guess im just making it up as i go.

 I’ll try to keep it as picturesque and intelligible as i possibly can. And try not to post while drunk. But no promises seeing as im drunk right now.


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