Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 10: Maverick

Jay came round this morning (during my Geordie shore hour) to use our shower and then headed off to the party hummer to kill his liver.
Luce and i went on a morning bike ride, i put her in my basket and she jumped/fell out onto her head!!! But she’s ok.
Worked the double shift on a massive event at work today. This is my desk! You’ve never seen it before, so.. heres were I sit everyday.

This is my bosses dog, Maverick. He came to hang at work today, and he only liked me…

Thought you might be interested in this. NEW UNDERBELLY!!!!

2 days



Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 9:The Star

Sorry! Blog post is a little behind today. Late night…

Alison, Suzi and i decided on a mid week girl hang (crashed by James) and i remebered you kindly left me some restaurant vouchers so we enjoyed a dinner at fuel and toasted to you. Our hero.

After we lost all our $25 on $1 roulette, we made James sign up to The Star to receive his $20 of free gambling monies. Then took it to the real roulette table and doubled it up. Boom!

3 days


Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 8: A Jubie Addition

Working heaps while you are gone, a lot of my job involving searching through newspapers for Seymour adverts. I Found this and thought you might be interested to know you were WRONG! haha.

James cooked dinner for the Brillen-Tatty-Jubie (Jay/James) household and it was divine. A few beers and a few laughs. All that was missing was you! Family feast at Rocksia Tuesday night after we win soccer?

Lucy Says hi!


High – Not waking up sore from soccer!! I am now officially not unfit 🙂

Low – Caffeine addiction takes hold again

4 Days


Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 7: The Scarlett Halfwitts

My healthy muffins were a hit at work today 🙂 All of us suckers that were stuck at work joined together to gossip and eat said muffins instead of watching The Melbourne Cup.

Your honourable futsal team ‘The Scarlett Halfwitts’ put in an admirable attempt tonight, only to lose again 22-5. But definitely the best game we have played yet with goals scored by both Alison and Suzi and happy to say i can see some inspiring improvement all round.

Oh, and on the way home, i found what i want for Christmas. He’s cuter than you!


High: Definitely Futsal. Followed closely by a family dinner of pork sausages and sweet potato mash.

Low: My bad reaction to sugar withdrawals. Sinuses have finally cleared and was feeling good from healthy eating, until i cut out sugar and my body shut down lol.

5 Days


Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 6: Mr. Wilson

Today was uber boring, well, i had fun but not that interesting to read about i don’t think lol. Went to work, took Lucy for a jog, Jamie and i colluded to find a way to get me on a flight to Melbourne to party in the Emirates tent with him and the boys, made sugar free banana/oat and raisin muffins for work tomorrow (for Melbourne Cup)…

Then i ate my salad and went to bed and skyped you 🙂 You are the most adorable, perfect person i have ever met. You make me smile everyday, without fail, even when you aren’t here…

This is Wilson from next door. I call him Mr. Wilson like from Dennis The Menace. He just stands there while Lucy sprints past him in circles until it makes him upset and he starts whinge-barking.


High: Definitely Skyping with you. I havn’t smiled that much for ages.

Low: Skyping with you because it makes me miss you even more.

Well 6 days doesn’t seem that long to wait now. Am super happy for your success in Macau, can’t wait for you to get back so we can celebrate!!!


Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 5: Angry Birds

Lucy and I got seriously swooped by birds on our walk today.. they’re getting faster and angrier. No where is safe in Earlwood anymore. Lucy doesn’t really mind though cos she can’t look up. On the up side i found some interesting stick families…

We were all hungover so pretty much lazed around all day so in the arvo Suzi and i went on a bike ride to wear out Lucy and we met another dog, a cavoodle named Lucy!! They were the same age and size and colour and both had a white streak on their chest! They loved each other too. So cute.

James moved in today and we celebrated with a steak dinner at Rocksia. Don’t worry, i’ll take you as soon as you get back.


Here is a collage of my healthy(ish) living since you’ve been gone…

And, I’m embarrassed to put this up but to make you happy here’s a sneak peek at beauty and the geek make-overs haha….


High: Meeting Lucy #2. She was adorable.

Low: Rocksia salad. Was so hard to watch Tim eat that parma haha.

7 days


Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 4: Oreo’s

Well, i hope you’re happy. Your stupid hay fever is obviously contagious and has obviously infected me. And it’s HORRIBLE!! Luckily, that didn’t stop Alicia and i going on a Mini pub crawl after work today.

Apart from the alcohol i made some really good dietary decisions until we came across a new bakery/desssert shop on Crown street and i fell for the Oreo Cheesecake (as delicious as it looks and sounds i promise you).

Then i came home and wrote this blog post slightly drunk.


High: Definitely the Oreo Cheesecake, followed closely by my Byron Bay muesli i had for breakfast.

Low: Suffering through a sinus headache at work this morning.

8 days