Reverse Travel Journal

 Reverse Travel Journal #1  – June-July 2012

 I’ve decided to document my day to day life while my extremely talented BF is away in Las Vegas again this year playing The World Series Of Poker. For 45 days i will share every small achievement, every doggy milestone every coffee drank will be here for him to see and know.This is for him and will be written to him directly. But feel free to read along.

If you are interested to know about him or his progress in the world series you can follow his blog @

: Reverse Travel Journal #2 – November 2012

Brendon is heading off to the not so pretty city of Macau to play a hectic schedule of poker tournaments. I’ve decided to stay in Oz and pool my funds for Vegas next year (Or fingers crossed, the Bahamas in January). So will be keeping another reverse travel blog for him so he doesn’t miss me too much.

 Reverse Travel Journal #3 – 22 Feb – 11 March 2013

This time Brendon is headed to LA, San Jose and San Francisco for about 2 weeks to become a millionare playing 2 big tournaments.


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