Top 10 Vegas tips:

This is my list of things that definitely come in handy when your visiting Vegas. Thanks for reading! Next laraineinandaround blogarama will be from NYC in April 2012. See you then!

1. Whatever money’s you anticipate it is going to cost you. Take triple.

2. Drinks are free as long as you gamble. But if you sit at a pokie for half an hour you will only see the drink lady once. So it’s probably not worth the $20 you just sunk in that Star Wars machine. The smart thing to do if you really want to get maximum alcohol for your $10, set up at the digital machines at the bar and keep the drinks coming.

3. Apparently the guys who sell water from eskys for $1 on the street have actually found empty bottles and filled them up. Yucky! Yes, I drank one.

4. If a cool guy offers you a ‘free’ cd of his music on any street, whether it be anywhere in L.A or Vegas, just remember it’s definately not free. They will ask you for money to donate towards recording but then forcefully guilt, yes guilt you into giving more because he’s just given you a cd for nothing. Awkward situation given that he then won’t take the cd back. Even more awkward when you get home and find out it’s blank. Oops.

5. You can’t hail cabs or be dropped off by cabs just anywhere in the street. They have allocated zones in each casino.

6. In Sydney if you dress like a prostitute people just call you a slut, but if you dress like a prostitute in Vegas, men will actually think you are.

7. Do not walk on the south side of the strip. It is crowded and slow and the middle 5 blocks are the only place where the ‘mexicans’ (they arnt all mexicans but that’s what people refer to them as) are allowed to hand out pornographic advertising material (ahem, see how I cleaned that up for y’all?). Keep in mind they aren’t allowed to actually speak to you, thankfully, but if you’re not careful they will slip them in your bag. Could be in trouble for that later boys.

8. The casinos look deceivingly close, but to walk is always much longer than you think. And hotter. Hotter than we experience here. Just catch a cab. Everywhere is within 10mins and will only cost you around $12 at the most.

9. This tip is specifically for Aussies: the pedestrian crossing lights do not beep to alert you when to cross so you will have to watch for the signal. Sounds silly but I promise you the first few times you will stand there with a delayed reaction wondering why everyone else is crossing. Then you will realize how much we rely on that incessant beep.

10. Everything seems cheaper than in Australia, but keep in mind tax is not included until you get to the register when It hits you like a slap in the face.


Vegas Trip 1 – Day 33: In and out burger

Planned to wake up early to drive to the Grand Canyon but we stayed out pretty late celebrating our anniversary so we ‘accidentally’ slept in. There were a few hours left on the convertible so of course we cruised the strip with the music up nodding our heads like douchebags.

Vegas Trip 1 – Day 32: ****OnE yEAr *****

Dear Brendon,
One year ago today i knew i wanted a future with you and a year later i could not be more sure that its the best decison I have ever made.

The way you treat me is more than i ever believed i deserved, and your determination, tenacity, bravery and the eternal romantic you are are just some of the traits that hold me to you.

I have never admired someone so much or had anyone inspire me to do better and be better in everything i do.
I want you to know i feel ashamed for anytime i have ever doubted you because your character is truly infalable.

Thank you for putting up with my unbearable stubbornness, my irrational competitiveness and my ridiculous chocolate addiction. You are by far the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Happy Anniversary.