Vegas Trip 1 – Day 27: I <3 Burgers

Gym today with Brendon playing personal trainer. He made me do push ups and weights and all that stuff that i never do. Im going to hurt tomorrow.

Hit up some outlet stores again and finally saw the ‘Welcome to Vegas’ sign, albeit through the rear window. I got Brendon into a collared check button down shirt which, once on, he loved of course. Your welcome.
We found a mini jelly pig friend for Pig but, after being thrown at the windshield of the car (which was almost at melting point) and then thrown across the whole length of the room at the sliding door, he popped a seal and died. So no freind for pig. Good work Brendooor.

Our friend Jackie who was doing really well in a tournament at the Venetian so on her break we ate at a place called ‘i heart burgers’.

Brendon went to feed his Pai Gow addiction, but I decided it was best for me to sit this one out.


Vegas Trip 1 – Day 25: Rail Time

Seeing as Brendon was playing day 2 of his tournament today i thought it was the perfect time to shop. Straight to Victorias Secret where I spent over an hour! Eek! Most of it was chatting though. You know girls…

When I got home I intended to play bingo at Gold Coast casino (awesome right) but found out Bdog was on a break so I ran (yes, ran. It was quite the feat in 40 plus heat but whatevs) to join the crew for dinner. Lucky because during all of my shopping I hadn’t thought to eat yet!
I railed for a while but it gets pretty mundane when there is still like 5 hours left and Brendo had heaps of chips, so I went to do laundry where I bought this banging ring for $2.99 no joke!

Went Back at midnight to rail for a few more hours, home by 3am asleep by 4am. Lucky we’ve been training for this…

Vegas Trip 1 – Day 24: Aces & Ales

So Jackie has a list of the best and cheapest places to eat within 14kms, which usually never leads us astray, so with Brendon playing a tournament we hopped in the car and started driving to his place called ‘Aces & Ales’. 40 mins later we were still driving, which is quite a long time cosidering any longer and you’ll pretty much be in desert. The place looked like a death trap, which Jamie mentioned a few times, but all in all it wasn’t too bad. We survived. I got whooped in pool, first by Jackie and then a last minute comeback by Jamie who has pool playing bipolar. We hit up some outlet stores on the other side of the strip and then raced back to meet Brendon on his tournament break.

Proof that it was actually 43 degrees today. Seriously wtf.

Vegas Trip 1 – Day 23: Criss Angel

Lazy day today (i know what your thinking; isn’t everyday for you Laraine? Well yes, yes it is) Hit the pool, sauna, then happy hour at an amazing sushi place called RA with the Glaziers.

I bought tickets to Criss Angel for Brendo for his 21st in March and tonight was the night. It was at the Luxor which is amazing inside. Show was pretty great but nothing to write home about. Then back to the Palms fore more Pai Gow. Standard.

Vegas Trip 1 – Day 22: Green Lantern

Finally got in to see the doctor today, even though i was feeling a little better it was still really uncomfortable to eat. Plus i had convinced myself i had appendicitis. But wow! I had to fill out 45 minutes of paper work, waited 2 hours and paid an exorbanant amount for 5 minutes with a doctor who never seemed anywhere near a diagnosis.

Spent the rest of the day in bed and then Brendo dragged me to see Green Lantern. Ok ok you don’t ever really have to drag me to a Ryan Reynolds movie but I just knew it was gonna be bad. And It was pretty bad… except for the shirtless scenes of course, although I had Brendon putting his hands over my eyes though all of those scenes anyway.
No pics today so here is a pic to make up for all the shirtless scenes I missed out on. Ha!

Vegas Trip 1 – Day 21: Imma git me sum riibs!

Still feeling pretty sick from the weekend but in the end, an invite to dinner with our good friends the Glaziers was too good to pass up.

We ate at this great italian place not far from our hotel and i must note that the chocolate cake was unbelievable. Even sick as i was i fought Brendon for a majority of it!

We had never played pai gow before so we found some $10 tables at Gold coast casino. There was the drunkest lady there that made our night when she stood up and said “imma git me sum riiibbss!!”. It was like right out of an American movie. She also burped right in Jamies face, spilled her drink across the table, got on her hands and knees for 15minutes to search for a quarter, ate her ribs right over the table like she’d never eaten before and almost fell asleep straight after, before finally excusing herself to go get to bed. She needed to search for a job tomorrow anyway. So hilarious.

Vegas Trip 1 – Day 20: Sunday Pool Fiesta!!

Somebody (ahem) had a wicked idea to book a bungalow at the Palms Pool to assist us in having the best Sunday pool party ever. And the best it was. I feel these two photos sum it up perfectly…

We made some freinds, from Dallas, Texas, and when the sun went down we all decided to hit up a bar called ‘Ghost’ inside Palms Casino, except our friend Josh (shown being an alcoholic above) was wearing shorts. So up to our room to squeeze, and i mean squeeze, him into Brendons chinos. It actually worked out great because the boucer was so busy looking at Josh’s ill-fitting pants they didn’t notice i was wearing flip flops.

The bar is on the 50th floor and looks out over the whole of Las vegas. Breathtaking. It also has a 2×1 metre perspex piece of floor hanging over the side of the building which for some crazy reason people like to dance on. Not me nut-ah not gonna happen. I liked to stand and watch everyone casually walk towards it and then as they realised there was no floor ahead of them, start taking a brisk walk backwards.

Great night.