30 by 30

1. Learn a dance routine – Somehow i’ve got Brendon really excited to learn salsa with me haha.

2. Play a live tournament in Vegas – DONE! Last year i got someone to back me into a $110 tourney at the Venetian. Lasted about 2o minutes.

 3. Own a car – Preferably a Hank Moody Porsche 911 Carrera with broken right headlight.

4. Teach a class – No idea what skills i have to share….The art of Bow-Tie making? OR…

5. Learn a language – probably easiest to continue Spanish.

6. Get on Deal or no Deal – apparently only Melbournites are allowed to enter but i have a plan.

7. Learn to play office theme sing in piano

8. Learn to play AND sing a song on guitar.

9. Go to New York City – DONE! In April 2012 we took a girls trip to Coachella festival in Palm Springs and then 2 weeks in the big smoke.

10. Have a short story published – on paper.

11. Pay off all debt – Finally got this under control and will have it paid off just before my 30th birthday.

12. Hold an exhibition of my own – Photography

13. Get botox -Don’t judge.

14. Make a pythagoras theorem

15. Bake my own Bread – Packed full of grainy goodness.

16. Fly first class – DONE!!! I was upgraded on my flight home from Vegas in July 2012. Best night’s sleep ever.

17. Get a dog – DONE!! We bought Lucy Lee Grubie on the 1st August 2011

18. Get another tattoo –  DONE!!! in Vegas on 1/6/12 on our 2 year anniversary….


19. Lord of the rings trail NZ

20. Weekend in Hunter Valley – DONE! My 2 besties and i and our partners took a long weekend there in September 2012. Great weekend.

21. Day spa with the girls – DONE!!! While at Hunter

22. Visit alice springs on the Ghan – This is actually uber expensive! Might have to find a substitute, but

23. Own a white bike with a basket – For my dog Lucy to ride in. DONE!!! Although it is black.

24. Get semi good at tennis again – Already on it.

25. Run a Marathon – Or half marathon lol.

26. Get professional photos done – Hey, never gonna be this young again right?

27. Fire a gun – DONE! Fired a Desert Eagle (among others) at a gun range in Vegas July 2012

28. Go to all 4 m&m stores – Been to Las Vegas and New York, Get to London and Florida.

29. Trapezing

30. Roll down a hill (or across water)  in one of those big plastic bubbles.


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