Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Sock Draw

It’s starting to warm up here!! It’s been beautiful since i came back, and i hope it stays that way. I have a great day planned for when you get back 🙂

Tonight i sorted my/our sock draw/s!!!!! Really!!! haha. I Matched most of mine up but you just have millions (yes millions) of odd socks. Which means you have either never had matching socks or you packed all odd socks for your trip, which is ridiculous, but believable.

Made as some mad wicked chicken sandwiches for the Brillen Tatty crew for dinner (cheap arse rolls from the asian bakery, so good) and we watched ‘The Voice’ US. yep, your favourite show.

This is the funniest thing Lucy has ever done. She was trying to get her toy from behind the lounge and kept doing handstands and freaking out and getting trapped down there. It was!

Hope you enjoyed your night in St Geeorge Utah lol. Say Hi to Ray & Nanette for me!!

6 Days


P.s. Dark Knight Rises comes out tomorrow. Am i waiting for you to get back to see it? haha. But seriously.


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