Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Tweenlight

So I put on Twilight to fall asleep to, but ended up watching it all. And unfortunately i have to admit that I actually liked it. I couldn’t fall asleep!!
Got a rash on my arm in bed and realized maybe it was the bed that was making me break out?
Slept 10 long hours. Got up and washed the sheets. Was shocked to find I didnt have conjuntivitis. Win.
Took Lucy for a long walk seeing as I didn’t take her yesterday. She has been behaving and sleeping really well.
We finally booked in for our weekend in Hunter Valley. This is where are staying…

Nice ya?? You boys can hit the links while we go to the day spa 😉

The styling gig with Dave, Sav & co for tomorrow has been cancelled due to the forecast of bad weather (clearing up on Wednesday for your return :)) But fingers crossed for good weather on Sunday cos I’m doing Rozelle markets.


Spend most of the day making bow ties for the website and doing my business/personal tax for tomorrow. Aaagggh. boring!!! lol.

4 days


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