Vegas Trip 2 – Day 9

Before Brendon went off to play the 10k we hit the gym & steam room and had a healthy breakfast together in our room.

Later i walked over to the Rio and caught the free shuttle to Harrahs and walked up to Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. Shopping.
Bought this gorgeous maxi at Urban Outfitters… and a shirt for Brendo.

Met Jackie and Jamie at Fire Fly tapas, we all went to Palazzo, where i saw these beautiful women playing violin, but realized i got too drunk too quickly and decided to go home.

I woke up as Brendon came home cos he had busted so we played Pai Gow until i got a migraine and went back to get some sleep in before our early morning adventure to watch The State of Origin at some wonderfully dingy English pub.


NYC Trip – Day 2 : Shopfest ’99

Woke up at midday still jetlagged and slightly hungover and took the BIG BLUE BUS to SANTA MONICA PIER on which Jess had to sit next to some pretty special people.

We strategically fuelled up on a 3 course tapas breakfast/lunch for $15(!!!) at BAR PINTXO before shopping ourselves out on THIRD STREET PROMENADE.

For anyone who has never heard of SEPHORA (we don’t’ have them here in Oz) they are cosmetics heavens. There we stocked up on a plethora of lipstick colours for Coachella (as you will see below).

In AMERICAN APPAREL i bought a ridiculous fluro pink hoodie for my dog and at URBAN OUTFITTERS Jess walked out of store with unpaid shirt on her persons and was then asked on a date by a homeless man. Never a boring moment.

Back on the Blue Bus to Venice and then back to Santa Monica for dinner with Catherine and her friends Alex & Sam AKA Maddogg AKA Francis at THE PENTHOUSE. I would definitely suggest this restaurant for it’s ride up to the 18th floor in at glass elevator to eat great food and drink even better cocktails while enjoying the impressive views of Santa Monica and L.A.

After dinner we took the party on the road and hit up two perfectly crummy irish pubs nearby for some fun involving tequila shots and girls kicking ass on the pool table. Standard.

Pics taken with a Canon EOS 100D and an iPhone 3