Vegas Trip 2 – Day 9

Before Brendon went off to play the 10k we hit the gym & steam room and had a healthy breakfast together in our room.

Later i walked over to the Rio and caught the free shuttle to Harrahs and walked up to Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. Shopping.
Bought this gorgeous maxi at Urban Outfitters… and a shirt for Brendo.

Met Jackie and Jamie at Fire Fly tapas, we all went to Palazzo, where i saw these beautiful women playing violin, but realized i got too drunk too quickly and decided to go home.

I woke up as Brendon came home cos he had busted so we played Pai Gow until i got a migraine and went back to get some sleep in before our early morning adventure to watch The State of Origin at some wonderfully dingy English pub.


Vegas Trip 2 – Day 4

Today Brendon played day 1 of the 5k tourney at the Rio so i took jay & Vic out to Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood. Vic and i shopped while Jay ran is money up on Pai Gow.

Jay generously used his winnings to pay for lunch at one of their favourite restaurants called PF Chang’s.

Back at Palms Vic and i got our nails done before her and Jay jumped on a bus to Tucson to visit her cousin. I meet Brendon, Jackie, Jamie and Grant at TGIF in Gold Coast on their dinner break.

I really wanted to go to a party called Duck Pool Party that Palms hold every Thursday in the Palms Place pool so i got ready but i really had no one to go with. Sad story right?

Jamie was keen to play some Pai Gow so we went down and had a couple of drinks. I lost my $100 bank roll in like 10 mins, which NEVER happens. Jamie wanted to play some cash game poker so i took that as a good op to get some sleep anyway.

Vegas Trip 1 – Day 18: The Big Kahuna!

This was the best day i have had in a long time. Thanks girls!!

Two of Brendons awesome friends, Erika and Fran, flew in for a few days in Vegas, so we met for lunch at the Venitian and once Brendon was off to play his tournament we were off to smash some pumpkin sized margaritas at Kahunaville. After a quick lesson, and loss, in Black jack we hit the strip chatting to pretty much any randms that would listen, some of who were selling us club tickets, even though girls pretty much get in free everywhere.

We got a bit dossied up and i flooded the girls toilet in there room at Ceasars before meeting up with Brendo and hitting the craps table. Again!

We got a massive bud light 67 oz slushee from Planet hollywood, most of which i drank and regretted for the next 4 days. Anyway here are some pics of our adventures…