Reverse travel Journal # 3 – Day 6

I’m spending most of the days going back and forth between over-excitement and severe -anxiety. I’m so excited for the next few weeks, but stressed and scared that its all going to go really shit. And even more sad because your not here. You were really funny tonight and it was really good to talk to you. I forget how much i need you and rely on you in my life.

So glad you are having so much fun there. Thanks for the pics, it looks beautiful there. Enjoy Alcatraz tomorrow!! 🙂


P.s. Goose and i are jogging every day and loving it (flea free since 93′) and she actually listens to me now that you are gone…

11 Days



Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 3

Lucy was really stressed out last night when we went to bed because she couldn’t find you, she kept going to your side and whinging. It’s adorable but concerning how attached she is to you.

Today Tim, Suzi and the crew went to get drunk at Soundwave while lil’ ol’ Laraine stays home sewing.  Lucy & i for a long arse jog (in 30 degree heat) and were both pretty exhausted after that.


I picked your parentals up from the airport around lunch and we watched the Mariners game, which was ridiculously good. Then, back to work. My posts for the next 2 weeks are probably going to be just me sewing, Lucky you!


Thanks for the Skype date (big smile). Miss you heaps already.

Good luck on day 2  tomorrow.

14 days