Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 9

What a weird kinda lazy but really busy day.  It poured rain again today so Goose was bored out of her brains of course.

Todd and i skyped  this morning for the first time in like a year which was nice and I’m uber excited to see him in a few weeks.

After some sewing, David helped me brainstorm some money making schemes but we didn’t get very far haha. So i spent the rest of the day and night posting about $300 worth of crap up on eBay, Hopefully  i can get double that back. And i’ll do it all again tomorrow (i have a lot of crap).

I was going to actually leave the house tonight to visit Hugh & Haley at an event Hugh was throwing but the anxiety i have been having this last week brought on a migraine and i ended up drugging up and working very slowly.

I  tested myself today. I decided to give myself a weekend pass from my sugar free diet but when i got to woolies i only ended up buying sugar free anyway! I guess I’m just used to it now. I really wanted to treat myself though so i grabbed this Cherry Ripe, mostly so i could do this…


I’m sorry you didn’t get to watch the Mariners game.

Good luck today & i hope you feel better. We miss you. ❤

8 Days



Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 8

Thanks for your help tonight, i always feel better after talking to you, And i think i’ve made up my mind.

It’s been raining for 2 straight days but i had to take Lucy out today for a jog this afternoon, which of course she enjoyed as she jumped in and out of every single puddle.

Suzi’s friends came round for pre drinks tonight (and i broke my diet and ordered pizza…eek!) and then they headed out on the town. I didn’t feel like going out without you. If I do go out I wanna dance the night away with you, and we’ll do it as soon as you get back 🙂

 Timmy and I just stayed up chatting and then off to bed to continue my  week long ‘How I met your mother’ marathon.


Good Luck tomorrow!

We’re over halfway,  only 9 days left!


Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 5: Angry Birds

Lucy and I got seriously swooped by birds on our walk today.. they’re getting faster and angrier. No where is safe in Earlwood anymore. Lucy doesn’t really mind though cos she can’t look up. On the up side i found some interesting stick families…

We were all hungover so pretty much lazed around all day so in the arvo Suzi and i went on a bike ride to wear out Lucy and we met another dog, a cavoodle named Lucy!! They were the same age and size and colour and both had a white streak on their chest! They loved each other too. So cute.

James moved in today and we celebrated with a steak dinner at Rocksia. Don’t worry, i’ll take you as soon as you get back.


Here is a collage of my healthy(ish) living since you’ve been gone…

And, I’m embarrassed to put this up but to make you happy here’s a sneak peek at beauty and the geek make-overs haha….


High: Meeting Lucy #2. She was adorable.

Low: Rocksia salad. Was so hard to watch Tim eat that parma haha.

7 days


Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 10: IKEA

Today i went to our local Ikea store (don’t worry, it was a r&h funded trip) to buy chairs for the market. But while i was there (now you should worry) i bought a desk for $30! (Although it is a work expense so i should be able to claim it). Ikea really is the way of the future. No sales assistants, everyone going in the same direction, it’s so… organised. And you’ll be glad to know i somehow resisted the sensual allure of the $1 hot dog. I left Lucy at home alone in the house for the first time while i was gone. When i came back nothing was ruined, bitten or broken and i was very proud.

We went for a walk in the arvo. It was a really nice day again which to me is a sign that i’m doing everything right in life. We ran into a few dogs on the way but Lucy got so excited and started panting hard core and it frightened the dogs, and their owners. But on a positive note she is getting used to the places we go; the coffee shop, Woolies the post office and sits out the front without whinging. She’s also getting better at sitting before crossing the road and when I stop to take pics.

Little did Lucy know that Uncle Jarry and Uncle Ady where waiting at the house when we got back. She was pretty excited.

I think you know by now (and are uber jealous) that we all enjoyed a super delicious meal at Rocksia. The boys enjoyed cocktail hour watching the Bulldogs vs St George. Bulldogs won of course 28-20. This is what you missed out on…mmmmmmm…

The journey to Newtown was epic. After picking up brant and leaving the car at the station we caught a train, stopped off for a beer, caught another train and didn’t end up getting there till 11.30pm.

Highlights of the night : Jarryds catch cry “gamble, GAMBLE!”, Brants favourite song : Blow my whistle, beer skulling through a straw competition and Jarryd shuffle dancing for male attention.

40 days


Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 8: Double Rainbow

Perhaps it’s all the sugar, but i’m finding it really hard to sleep… i tried with the heater on, the heater off, i tried sleeping on my side, your side, on my pillow, on your pillow until i think i just finally bored myself to sleep.

It wont stop raining which makes life seem crap even when it’s not. Origin was on tonight which i miss watching with you. We would have gone to the Roxia… Sigh.

Pretty busy morning at work until our bosses went away for a half day meeting so i had a chilled arvo searching for bunny ear phone covers. Unfortunately my new phone is too technologically advanced and none are available for my phone yet.

I Went home between shifts to walk Lucy but it poured rain again. Annoying. So we just played ball in the house for like an hour. And saw a double rainbow! You have to look reallyyyy close.

Seeing as i have no one here to slap the chocolate away from me, i’ve had no willpower at all and have been eating so bad i’ve been getting stomach aches. So after work i went and stocked up on some good snacks for work tomorrow… No more chocolate!

I didn’t take many pics today cos i worked a double shift, and i tried to upload a vid but the app wouldn’t work… damn Samsung. But the wireless is working now so that’s a plus.

42 days


P.s. I’m watching WAG Nation right now. That’s how sad my life is without you… lol. Btw Minichiello is a dream husband.