Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 14

Followed you online today. Loved your interview, you have great charisma lol.


After work I went around to my boss Cathie’s house to scope it out as a shoot location, she has lots of cool old furniture and stuff, you know, vintage stuff lol. She even had old dog/toe tags from world war 2!! They were really cool.




3 Days



Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 2

Glad you landed safe, sound and are already having fun. I Wish i was there with you.

Well, just as you guessed, going sugar free is pretty challenging for me, but i’m doing well i think.

My collection is on track to being completed in time, i spent all day inside sewing (it poured with rain the entire day anyway).


Ok so don’t hate me, but Suzi dyed her hair tonight, and we decided Lucy needed a new look too, so this happened….


Cute & trendy! She loves it.

Good Luck in the Main Event tomorrow!

15 days


Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 1

For those who don’t know, the poker world is sometimes very difficult. We make constant adjustments to our lives to accommodate for the swings, emotionally and financially, and of course all the travel. One of those adjustments was Brendon deciding to play more live tournaments and to cut back on online playing. This means more travel of course, sometimes for both, but a lot of the time, just for him.

So again i’ll be keeping him company (digitally) while he is in the US making millions. We hope 🙂

The more my man heads off O/S the happier i am that i came up with the idea for this blog. It keeps us connected in a way that we both really love.

As for me, I’m in the middle of putting together my first Winter range for my label ‘Boheme Bimbo’ and have decided to go sugar free for the time Brendon is away.

Luckily we did get time to stop and have breakfast before he flew off today. Gonna miss him like cray cray crazy. I mean, just look at that face….

PicMonkey Collage

Found this awesome website today and picked a special pic from it just for Brendo…. The Gos is SUCH a sweetheart!


16 days and counting.


Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Brendon Rubie is my hero!!

I got to do my favourite things today, first i watched you dominate the felt in Vegas. You were amazing!!!!!! (And while i watched i put my ikea table together and set up the office). Your progress was all over Facebook and had so much support and love. It was amazing to see. Even 3 of my brothers were railing including Todd in Belgium at 5am! Congratulations baby!

I had to get myself together quick and head over to The Winery where the girls were having birthday drinks for Jess. I was 3 hours late, but they understood. I had a glass of champagne and thought of you and how much you deserve every great achievement in your life. And how much i miss you.

Then over to The Rocksia (sorry, Alisons idea i swear) where Alison and i had dinner and some girly chat time. Although this photo says the opposite of that…

38 days


Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 1

Never heard of a ‘Reverse Travel Journal’ before? Well I’m not surprised seeing as I made it up just now.

This year, like last year, my amazing, successful, wonderful, hottie of a BF is heading to LAS VEGAS to play (and win) the WORLD SERIES OF POKER tournament and a collection of lead up events; you can see the fun we had on last years trip starting here.

They only difference this year Is the terribly depressing news that I wont be joining him. My choice to visit the city of dreams, NEW YORK CITY last month, was made last year and I knew I could only have one trip. Seemed like a good idea at the time but now the thought of us being apart for 6 whole weeks makes me wonder. Sigh.

While he is enjoying the heat of the desert, the endless fun of happy hours, the company of good friends and of course the glory of winning i will be at our new home in Earlwood suffering through the brisk harsh winter supported only by our fluffy companion Lucy.

So, having just finished my day-2-day NYC blog and being the blog-aholic that I am, I’ve decided to document my life while he is away. Every small achievement, every doggy milestone every coffee drank will be here for him to see and know.
This is for him and will be written to him directly. But feel free to read along.

If you are interested to know about him or his progress in the world series you can follow his blog @

Surprise Trip to Cairns

Our Cairns trip was one of those awesome spontaineous trips that i just decided we needed.

I didn’t tell Brendon where we were going and he didn’t know where  until he heard it called out at the airport as we were waiting for our plane.

We went mostly to snorkle but it rained the whole time whichis ,  if you don’t know,  pretty bad conditions for snorkling. So… we went to the movies, hung at the beach, drank and ate to our hearts content and hired scooters and rode in the rain.

On the last night, we went to the casino and watched a magician who was surprisongly amazing.

This is our trip….

On the plane Brendon taught me how to play Gin rummy…

All pics taken on my iPhone 3 through Instamatic app.