Vegas Trip 2 – Day 11: Duck Pool Party

Brendon played the 1k at Rio so we slept in and hit the gym beforehand. I met Brendon on his dinner break and took him to Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

I wanted to go to the Palms Pool Duck party (see picture below of previous duck parties) but again no one to go with.
Brendon busted so we headed out to meet the boys at Aria which is beautiful.
Had a late dinner and played Pai Gow with Didier.





Vegas Trip 2 – Day 10: Independence Day

Being the dedicated Australian football fans we are, we were up at 2.45am to watch last Origin game at an adorably dingy pub Crown & Anchor, and were back in bed at 5am.
Today is the 4th of July which means party even harder in Vegas town. We were booked in for a cabana at Marquee pool party. I got to wear my new heels, yippee!

We drunkenly stumbled to the Rio to rail our friend who was running deep in the 1.5k event, but i couldn’t stay up. I stumbled home to rest up and ended up

watching the fireworks all around Vegas burbs from our balcony.

He ended up Finished second in the 1.5k event just missing out on a bracelet.

Vegas Trip 2 – Day 9

Before Brendon went off to play the 10k we hit the gym & steam room and had a healthy breakfast together in our room.

Later i walked over to the Rio and caught the free shuttle to Harrahs and walked up to Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood. Shopping.
Bought this gorgeous maxi at Urban Outfitters… and a shirt for Brendo.

Met Jackie and Jamie at Fire Fly tapas, we all went to Palazzo, where i saw these beautiful women playing violin, but realized i got too drunk too quickly and decided to go home.

I woke up as Brendon came home cos he had busted so we played Pai Gow until i got a migraine and went back to get some sleep in before our early morning adventure to watch The State of Origin at some wonderfully dingy English pub.

Vegas Trip 2 – Day 8

Didn’t take any pics today!! Silly!

Slept in til 3.30pm, woke up still pretty gross and sinusy.
Made the horrible decision to go to In and out burger. I mean, i love it but you regret it in a few hours.

Spend an hour in the Laundromat watching The Office.
We played a fun 9 holes of twilight golf and had dinner with new friends Amy and Karl, that we met at the Pai Gow table the night before & Caught a late night showing of The Amazing Spiderman.

Vegas Trip 2 – Day 7: Our 2 year Anniversary <3

Today was our 2 year anniversary and Brendon had a whole surprise day planned for us! After B cooked me delicious pancakes for breakfast (awww) we went to
Circus Circus where there is a park full of rides inside called Adventuredome. We went on a few roller coaster rides until we started to build up an appetite.

Next we were off to MGM casino where we ate lunch at Wolfgang Puck. The food was ridiculous. We had some sort of salad with wantons in it and god knows what else but it didn’t matter, i ate it all cos it was so good… Great choice Brendo!

After lunch we drove to Mirage where Brendon took me to this awesome tattoo parlour/bar King Ink to get me the tattoo i have been wanting! I was so shocked i couldn’t believe it. I just kept asking if it was a joke. But it wasn’t. I love my new tat…

We stopped in at Fashion Show Mall (again) to buy B some underwear cos we hadn’t been bothered to wash lol.
We got changed into something a bit nicer and guess where we went?? To the airport for a helicopter ride over the strip! It was amazing!

We had dinner at Prime In Bellagio behind the fountains. It was very romantic and the food was fantastic!!!

After a wonderful dinner we did some highly skilled gambling at Planet Hollywood. We built our bankroll up with some lucky bets on roulette, but broke even after a while at the black jack table. Only logical thing to do.. go for the safe bet of Pai Gow at Palms of course.

Perfect end to a perfect day, in fact it was the most wonderful day of my life so far. I had the best day with the best person and the love of my life. He treats me like a queen and would do anything for me. My life is perfect with him (and because of him) and i never want that to change.

I love you Brendon Rubie.

Vegas Trip 2 – Day 6

Rough day today. Woke up vomiting and feeling pretty bad. Still maintain that it was totally worth it. Brendo went off to play day 3 of the 5k but came back an hour later, had busted 36th.

I wasn’t in a state to do much so we went to the cinemas in Palms and watched Ted. It was pretty funny, but i’m a pretty big Marky Mark fan already.

Our friends Eric, Lizzy and Dave had arrived in Vegas so we met them at the Premium North outlets for a quick shop. I stopped in at Fashion Show Mall again to hit up Topshop to find something to wear for dinner, tried on at least 20 dresses, but finally settled on this cute black skirt… was only $50 and can be worn in oh so many ways.

We had a fashionably late dinner at Lavo in Palazzo with Eric, Lizzie and Dave. I had been wanting to go here for ages, and was worth the wait. Great service, gorgeous atmosphere, unbelievable crumbed rice and pea balls and the most amazing deep fried oreos. We went back to Palms after to play Pai Gow (those $10 tables are hard to find)

Vegas Trip 2 – Day 5

Brendon went back for day 2 of the 5k event at Rio and was chip leader by the end of the day!

I did some work by the pool, went for lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe with jamie and visited Brendo on the rail until his dinner break when he came and picked me up and we went for dinner at one of our Fave places called Mr Sandwich.

I spent the next 3 hours dancing around our room getting ready to go with Jamie to meet friends of his at Marquee nightclub in Cosmopolitan. It was the best! I danced all night to an amazing DJ i’d never heard of but in this club, it doesn’t matter. It really puts any nightclub in Australia to shame. 3 levels, 4 dance floors, a pool, cabanas, beautiful big booths, and crazy good dancers. Had such a great night until about 5am when i left the club and some sleeze-ball tried to force me to make out with him and my cab driver nearly beat him. Haha. Fun times. Cannot believe i didn’t take any pics!! Cray.