Reverse Travel Journal # 3 – Day 7

I have no idea why i was so fine with you going away. Every time we do this it is really hard and i go a little crazy and every little thing you do and dont do makes me miserable and i miss my best friend.


I went on my 3rd trip to spotlight this week to find out the fabric content of every material i have bought for this range. Boring! Then I went out for a quick visit to see Alison, who had put together a lovely poetry reading in Glebe.


Unfortunately i had to rush back home to try get the last 4 pieces of my range done.

As i was driving home through Parramatta Road i saw the cutest thing, couples learning to Salsa dance together! I could see them all in there, the boys nervous as hell and the girls smiling.It Looked perfect for us lol. p.s. you promised.

Nothing else happened today so heres a picture of my lunch…


Thanks for the video msg,  i didn’t even know you could do that! It was really cool. Your hair looks great I love it!

Have fun on your bridge ride and take lots of pics for me ok!

10 Days


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