Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 7: The Scarlett Halfwitts

My healthy muffins were a hit at work today 🙂 All of us suckers that were stuck at work joined together to gossip and eat said muffins instead of watching The Melbourne Cup.

Your honourable futsal team ‘The Scarlett Halfwitts’ put in an admirable attempt tonight, only to lose again 22-5. But definitely the best game we have played yet with goals scored by both Alison and Suzi and happy to say i can see some inspiring improvement all round.

Oh, and on the way home, i found what i want for Christmas. He’s cuter than you!


High: Definitely Futsal. Followed closely by a family dinner of pork sausages and sweet potato mash.

Low: My bad reaction to sugar withdrawals. Sinuses have finally cleared and was feeling good from healthy eating, until i cut out sugar and my body shut down lol.

5 Days



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