Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 6: Mr. Wilson

Today was uber boring, well, i had fun but not that interesting to read about i don’t think lol. Went to work, took Lucy for a jog, Jamie and i colluded to find a way to get me on a flight to Melbourne to party in the Emirates tent with him and the boys, made sugar free banana/oat and raisin muffins for work tomorrow (for Melbourne Cup)…

Then i ate my salad and went to bed and skyped you 🙂 You are the most adorable, perfect person i have ever met. You make me smile everyday, without fail, even when you aren’t here…

This is Wilson from next door. I call him Mr. Wilson like from Dennis The Menace. He just stands there while Lucy sprints past him in circles until it makes him upset and he starts whinge-barking.


High: Definitely Skyping with you. I havn’t smiled that much for ages.

Low: Skyping with you because it makes me miss you even more.

Well 6 days doesn’t seem that long to wait now. Am super happy for your success in Macau, can’t wait for you to get back so we can celebrate!!!



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