Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 5: Angry Birds

Lucy and I got seriously swooped by birds on our walk today.. they’re getting faster and angrier. No where is safe in Earlwood anymore. Lucy doesn’t really mind though cos she can’t look up. On the up side i found some interesting stick families…

We were all hungover so pretty much lazed around all day so in the arvo Suzi and i went on a bike ride to wear out Lucy and we met another dog, a cavoodle named Lucy!! They were the same age and size and colour and both had a white streak on their chest! They loved each other too. So cute.

James moved in today and we celebrated with a steak dinner at Rocksia. Don’t worry, i’ll take you as soon as you get back.


Here is a collage of my healthy(ish) living since you’ve been gone…

And, I’m embarrassed to put this up but to make you happy here’s a sneak peek at beauty and the geek make-overs haha….


High: Meeting Lucy #2. She was adorable.

Low: Rocksia salad. Was so hard to watch Tim eat that parma haha.

7 days


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