Reverse Travel Journal # 2 – Day 3: You Don’t Make Friends With Salad

Some of the guys at work were telling me ghost stories about the theatre the other night (which of course I loved at the time) but am now I’m convinced our house is haunted and could not get to sleep last night.

So goose and I jogged again today… went to St Peters to find a book I’m after, and found this amazing street of graffiti…

We stopped on the way back at ‘Aslan Coffee’ on Unwins Bridge Road. Great coffee!! Your gonna love it. Lucy did…

Been eating mostly salad for 4 days and exercising everyday and am down half a kilo already! I think Im definitely going to reach my goal weight by the time you are back. But we’ll see, I could get sick of salad…lol

\So happy you played so well yesterday, and finished so well today. Great start to the trip. And it looks like you guys had fun today, you posted these pics separately at the same time haha.

Kasey Chambers at work tonight. Sound desk blew up so acoustic sets all round!!!


High – Finding $4 worth of change in the theatre while cleaning up 🙂

Low – Being stuck between 2 FM stations on the drive home, one playing hard-core trance and one playing country. Kill me now! I don’t know how to change it. I blame Alison. Or Jay.

9 days



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