Hunter Valley – Day 2

Straight up & out for a group-swing on the golf course. Although we all played well, Mark won,  greatest shot goes to Brendo who skimmed his across the lake to make it onto the green, and stupidest act goes to my jump out of the cart on the way home, severely injuring myself.

We dragged the boys off the course after 9 holes to get to our hired a maxi for 3 hours to hit up 6 wineries.


First stop, Pink blush champagne bar… tasty champagnes and sparkling wines…

Stop 2: Pepper Tree Wines. I bought a perfect bottle of Verdelho that Brendon actually liked!!

Stop 3:  Tempus two. Sterile look and feel in comparison to all the other wineries with their rustic style cellars, but a great smelly cheese shop.

Stop 4: Tyrell’s, small but a beautiful view…

Number 5: A lady at our estate winery recommended Piggs Peake Winery for sweet, fruity reds, but we were turned away, they said they were full but i think they heard us coming from down the road and made a good decision.

Last stop: Blue Tongue Brewery Cafe. Afternoon beer flights, yum…

Home at 5pm pretty tipsy and happy, we played poker (and i busted Brendo!!)

We decided to utilise the villa and cook a delicious BBQ spread and watch the football. Perfect end to the perfect day.

(Photos taken with my Canon EOS 1000D and Samsung Galaxy SIII)


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