Hunter Valley – Day 1

I was so excited to get to Hunter (crossing it off my 30 by 30 list is so satisfying)

Left at 10am for the 4 hour drive. It’s a pretty great drive though… especially when your Boyfriend never lets you drive. Works for me!

We all stayed in a 3 bedroom Villa on the golf course at Brokenwood Estate.

We were booked in first thing at the day spa for winter package of a foot scrub, massage, facial, foot rub and head massage. Quick dip in the steam room and the pool on our way out.  This was the view from the spa…

Brendon was feeling a little effeminate after joining us at the spa, and ran off to join the boys for a quick hit of golf. After some  freshening up we enjoyed a wine tasting with a free cheese platter and bottle of wine at ‘s ‘cellar door’ (that’s a hunter term lol) until the boys came and alienated the waitress with their “stupidity”.

Dinner was at Harrigans irish pub; great food, a live band and a shuttle bus. Bit of a group gambling binge in the TAB.

Back at the Villa we played spoons and chase the ace till the wee hours….


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