Reverse Travel Journal 1 – A Day In The Life of Lucy Lee Grubie

I just chilled on the lounge with Tim today until mum got home. She took me for a 2 hour walk today. It was flipping awesome!! We walked further than ever before and found a new park! My nose was going crazy with all the new smells… It was sooooo damn hot.

This is my new thinking spot. I just like to stand here and take in the serenity…

I also made a new friend/potential lover… but he was too old for me. 7 years old!!

You’ll be happy to hear I’ve been really good at controlling my anxiety when mum goes in to shops … ( i get a lot of pats from strangers this way anyway)

Mum’s always telling me to slow down so i got her to take a pic of me in front of this sign. Funny right?

Here’s a little clip i put up for your enjoyment…

So happy for your win today, I’m really proud of you…

Miss you daddy!!!

9 Days



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