Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Life is Boring Without You

There were no shows at the theatre today, just a piano sale I had to oversee. Can’t believe i get paid for this shit. One of the more boring days i have had in my life, but at least the pianos are pretty…

Spent all 9 hours editing pics, blogging about Vegas and watching 30 Rock.

I still didn’t have any food at home and woolies was closed cos it’s Sunday, so i just kept driving until i hit a Foodworks in the back end of Marrickville. It’s pretty damn scary out there. I Bought Lucy some pigs feet and she LOVES THEM. I didn’t hear a peep from her for 2 hours!! Suzi toook her for a walk today and they had a picnic in the park. Isn’t that cute?!?

Also, i died my hair. Hope you like it! Will have a pic for you tomorrow. Taped Hamish & Andy for you, it is SOO FUNNY.

So proud of your finish today, you really crushed ’em. Good luck tomorrow!!!!!!

10 Days


P.s. Look what Hales found in her room today…lol


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