Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Lucy Has Issues.

I love my job, early start of 10.45 today.Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep in because of the jet lag. Had a relaxed morning though and got to work ontime WITH my coffee. Win.

Work was so slow today I questioned our need to be employed even more than usual.

I met Haley and Hugh in king street after work so we could suss out the looks coming through for summer. Didn’t stay very long as I was exhausted. But, still took Lucy for a twilight walk where we did some intensive training on overcoming her paralyzing fear of bridges (insert eye roll here) and drains and grates and rails. Seriously.

Pretty much settled on the sofa for the rest of the night doing blog/ebay/editiing stuffs.

This is me trying to train goose to leave her precious tree branch outside….


And this is us trying to talk via Skype… so tilting lol (and i don’t know why it says puke in the chat box)

You said i was going to be 5 days before i even started to miss you but thats not true this time. I miss you already. It’s only been 1 day!!

10 days left



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