Vegas Trip 2 – Day 5

Brendon went back for day 2 of the 5k event at Rio and was chip leader by the end of the day!

I did some work by the pool, went for lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe with jamie and visited Brendo on the rail until his dinner break when he came and picked me up and we went for dinner at one of our Fave places called Mr Sandwich.

I spent the next 3 hours dancing around our room getting ready to go with Jamie to meet friends of his at Marquee nightclub in Cosmopolitan. It was the best! I danced all night to an amazing DJ i’d never heard of but in this club, it doesn’t matter. It really puts any nightclub in Australia to shame. 3 levels, 4 dance floors, a pool, cabanas, beautiful big booths, and crazy good dancers. Had such a great night until about 5am when i left the club and some sleeze-ball tried to force me to make out with him and my cab driver nearly beat him. Haha. Fun times. Cannot believe i didn’t take any pics!! Cray.


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