Reverse Travel Journal 1 – 80’s Rock Bonanza


I lose a day in the air so It will seem like I’ve missed a day blogging but not really, promise i’ll make up for ti later. I spent the morning packing, cleaning and preparing the house. Lucy and I walked to the store to stock up on toys and goodies for luce while I’m away…

It was convenient that we had organised for the boxo crew to share dinner and a movie tonight, so also was kind of a farewell dinner for 2 people that are leaving the Seymour, and me of course. We ate at a place called Baja Cantina on Glebe point road. Great Mexican and amazing sangria, although I spent a lot of time on the phone to you hehe.

After dinner we saw Rock Of Ages at Broadway. It’s actually a bit of a musical?!? So i’m glad i didn’t take you to see it. I don’t think it is your kind of movie. The best part was the soundtrack. All the best 80’s rock ballads; may as well have taken me to a karaoke bar…

I caught the train home and had so much energy(from being so excited)/scared(from walking home so late) i ran home in my odd socks. A creepy taxi driver kept asking me to get in his cab and he’d take me home, but i’m not silly…

Anyway, i’m off to bed to get plenty of sleep for my journey tomorrow.

The next time you hear from me i’ll be looking at you :0



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