Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Last Shift!

Ambitious day today. Made a big scrambled egg breakfast and started a cleaning frenzy, washed the love sac and all of the couch covers and cushions. Watched a French and a Spanish movie and took goose for a walk. When we got back she was really stressed and was whining and i wasn’t sure why until i realised she had no lounge cushions to sleep on! Haha. She found somewhere eventually…

Chilled out doing computer work for the arvo (and eating tea & donuts)

Worked my last shift at Seymour. Everyone had heard i was going to Vegas and i could see the resentment in their eyes…. It was great! haha. Have tomorrow to get my shit together ready to go 🙂

1 day!


P.s. I’ve decided this is my Vegas song…


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