Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Little Miss Trouble

It was so good to wake up to a call from you. It made me so happy my coffee guy said he wanted to slap me.

Another hectic day at Seymour with teenagers making my life hell but still fun.

I got off work early and the day was going pretty damn good until I got home. I let Lucy outside to do her business but when I walked upstairs I saw she had already done her business in the hallway. Even though I let her out in the morning. I cleaned that up (and the whole backyard) and went back upstairs to find that she had just pee’d in the exact same spot! Right on top of where I had just cleaned! Even though I just let her outside!! I was sooo mad.

I had to go out to Eastgardens Medicare so I locked her in our room (because obviously she has lost her whole house privileges). While i was out I felt bad for being so hard on her I bought her some chew sticks while I was out. I raced upstairs to let her out and what do you think I find? A steaming pile of shit right inside our bedroom doorway. Why??? I let her out 3 times already and instead of peeing she is too busy burying her pig ear, which was so moist in the dirt it had come back to life and is actually a pig ear now. It’s disgusting. Can you see it…?

So whatever. I took her for a late night walk and she ate half a chocolate tiny teddy. Hope she gets sick.

You’ll be happy to know i’m still on my diet! Even more-so now that I know I’ve got to get into a bikini in less than a week!! Aahhhh!! So this was my dinner…

Of course i gave Lucy the rawhide stick, but she hasn’t make good friends with it just yet…

So excited my flights were booked today!! Monday it is.

5 Days



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