Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Together

I was supervisor again today. There were 2 shows to go in today so i got to work super early, but got locked out and sat in the sun.
The roster got screwed up so I had no staff for the first show and I had to load 7 school groups in the theatre by myself! Was running and yelling and sweating and somehow got the show up in time. Annette was quite impressed 🙂

I hadn’t heard from you since yesterday so was feeling a little anxious and lost my appetite. Until you called and said everything that has ever meant anything to me. I can’t believe i get so worried thinking you will forget about me and us, because at the end of the day that will never happen. We are only our best when we’re together.

So, i guess i’m coming to Vegas! Yay!!!!! Organised time off at work and then finally ate something…

After lunch I decided to nap in the office until my next shift began. 15 mins in, some computer guy came barging in and woke me up with drool down my face. Embarrassing.

So i guess my reverse travel journal will, next week, turn into… just a normal travel journal. Can’t wait to spend 2 weeks with you.

Now it is only 6 days till we are together again. YIPPEE!!



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