Reverse Travel Journal 1 – I’m Your Biggest Fan

Feeling ever so slightly dehydrated today but had to get up for an early morning walk back to the car to put the boys on the train back to the Gong. Of course then i went back to bed. When i woke up i remembered you were playing day 2 of the 4 handed so Adam and i vegged out on the couch watching friends and railing you online. Although, we did pause for a maccas run at about 1pm. It was pouring rain all day so Lucy was a bit annoying but Adam played fetch with her all day. She is addicted…

I’m so glad i had the day off to rail you…and that i got to Skype with you on your dinner break šŸ™‚ After Adam left i went for a nap before work, with the laptop next to me open on Pokernews, so i didn’t miss anything.

Tonights show at Seymour was Shakespeare’s HAMLET. And was actually really good! And i’ve seen a lot of Shakespeare productions.

When i got home i cooked up this mean omelette….

…and let lucy have a play outside. Until she came back like this….

Oh and she got the hiccups in her sleep. Pretty cute.

39 days



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