Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 9: 1 Week Down, 5 Weeks to Go…

Got up early to get. shit. done. Another beautiful day (in between tropical downpours) and Lucy and i enjoyed a long walk. A walk that got even better when i got to talk to you. Gosh i love technology 🙂 Lucy was more annoying than ever though. Being a stubborn little bitch and stopping every 30 seconds to Sniff EVERYTHING!

Spent the arvo at work applying for jobs, editing photos and skulling my 2 litres of water for the day (Harder than it seems). Hales picked me up from work and we went back to ours to brainstorm for our summer collection, and i made chicken taco’s that failed in the arse haha.

Highlight of the day: We got the first concept design for our website. Exciting! What do you think???

I have the day off tomorrow and I’m really excited cos my brothers are coming! Yay!

41 days



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