Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 7: The City of Canterbury

I woke up super late and felt so bad about it that i got up and started cleaning furiously. (And I Posted your subwoofer again. Sellarama! Click HERE)

I also felt really gross about my pig-out day yesterday so started a detox. And took Lucy for a jog. Yes! a jog! I know, I’m amazing. It was actually warm in the morning and we found some great walking tracks, bridges and a golf course. Wish you were here to explore with us…

Lucy loves the sweet banksia flowers in the backyard and keeps bringing them in and ripping them apart on the couch, so I’m trying to train her by only letting her in if she leaves it outside. But she really doesn’t want to…

I had a supervisor shift at work tonight. Was pretty easy and fun. I never would have thought when I took a casual job at Seymour a year and a half ago that I would end up supervising the theatre on my own! Funny how some things unexpectedly turn out for the best 🙂

Here are some random pics from around the office; me being all boss-like (not doing much at all hehe), my supervisor in lingerie and a postcard that reminds me that i should try pull of dry July this year… maybe.

43 days



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