Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 8: Double Rainbow

Perhaps it’s all the sugar, but i’m finding it really hard to sleep… i tried with the heater on, the heater off, i tried sleeping on my side, your side, on my pillow, on your pillow until i think i just finally bored myself to sleep.

It wont stop raining which makes life seem crap even when it’s not. Origin was on tonight which i miss watching with you. We would have gone to the Roxia… Sigh.

Pretty busy morning at work until our bosses went away for a half day meeting so i had a chilled arvo searching for bunny ear phone covers. Unfortunately my new phone is too technologically advanced and none are available for my phone yet.

I Went home between shifts to walk Lucy but it poured rain again. Annoying. So we just played ball in the house for like an hour. And saw a double rainbow! You have to look reallyyyy close.

Seeing as i have no one here to slap the chocolate away from me, i’ve had no willpower at all and have been eating so bad i’ve been getting stomach aches. So after work i went and stocked up on some good snacks for work tomorrow… No more chocolate!

I didn’t take many pics today cos i worked a double shift, and i tried to upload a vid but the app wouldn’t work… damn Samsung. But the wireless is working now so that’s a plus.

42 days


P.s. I’m watching WAG Nation right now. That’s how sad my life is without you… lol. Btw Minichiello is a dream husband.

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