Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 5: Kirribilli Markets & Local Beer

My turn to do Markets today!! Kirribilli. Not as cold as last time thankfully. Woke up to Lucy spewing all over the place. She keeps eating stuff she shouldn’t cos she’s bored. I feel super bad she is left alone so much now you are gone. But I have the next 2 days off so I’ll spoil her with attention i promise.

I sold up a storm at the markets! Getting rid of our summer stock which is great. Despite that I think now we are definately done with markets for winter.

Oh, and Sav came for visit too šŸ™‚

Tonight was Hughs belated bday drinks at ‘The Local Taphouse’ in Surry Hills. I trudged there in the rain for a beer and ended up with about 8.

I invited Tim & Suzi to meet me there for a few and afterwards we all trained it home together & Suzi and i stayed up to watch Judge Judy.

Everyone asked about you … but mostly i just wished you were there. Oh and Hughster misses you. Standard.

45 Days


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