Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 4: Missy

Queen Lucy graciously let me sleep in this morning. After she was done with her morning bark at all surrounding birds and dogs, she hung by the bed for an hour practically forcing me to pat her. Then she sat and watched me shower. She’s so neeeeeedy.

And she loves the heater…

After some blogging and breakfast I intended on taking Lucy for her walk but I couldn’t pull myself away from the string of enthrawling shows on Nat Geo. Remote tribe hunters and shit. But when we finally did get out it was, again, a spectacularly beautiful day.

We explored further into town and I got a coffee from a cute lil’ cafe called BeeJays (I can hear you laughing), and some baked goods from the asian bakery which I left on the bed half eaten and Lucy got too and then vomitted up. Serves her right.

At work i was on the Missy Higgins show which i had been looking forward too. She was ok, no Florence of course, but no denying she has an amazing voice. And she sung all of her old hits which made everyone go crazy and dance in the isles so it ended up being pretty fun. And i got hit on by a girl, boom. Oh and we got Krispy Kremes from the boss. Win.

46 days


P.s. If you were here i would have taken you to lingerie football tonight. Oh well. lol.


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