Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 3: Allpress & a Smartphone have replaced you… kinda

OK, not really. Last night I slept fully clothed, hoodie and all and still woke up freezing.

I noticed that there are a lot of things i do and don’t do now that you are not here, like stay up really late, and then sleep in my oldest & daggiest but most comfortable clothes. I Put fake tan and other varieties of good smelling things on, and paint my nails in our bedroom with all the doors shut.

Today was just work work work, the highlight of which being my
coffee man Bryce making me a mean mocha. Standard.

I went back home between shifts to walk goose… there were heaps of dogs out, which was cool until a scottish terrier decided that ‘playing’ with her meant trying to bite her whole head off.

Lucy loved the playground…

Then back to work again (i’m sure all my posts are going to be about me going to work lol) but i don’t mind cos i think it’s pretty fun there 🙂

When i got home lucy had vomited on the bedroom floor. Perhaps she is bulimic as you say…?

47 Days



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