Reverse Travel Journal 1 – Day 1

Never heard of a ‘Reverse Travel Journal’ before? Well I’m not surprised seeing as I made it up just now.

This year, like last year, my amazing, successful, wonderful, hottie of a BF is heading to LAS VEGAS to play (and win) the WORLD SERIES OF POKER tournament and a collection of lead up events; you can see the fun we had on last years trip starting here.

They only difference this year Is the terribly depressing news that I wont be joining him. My choice to visit the city of dreams, NEW YORK CITY last month, was made last year and I knew I could only have one trip. Seemed like a good idea at the time but now the thought of us being apart for 6 whole weeks makes me wonder. Sigh.

While he is enjoying the heat of the desert, the endless fun of happy hours, the company of good friends and of course the glory of winning i will be at our new home in Earlwood suffering through the brisk harsh winter supported only by our fluffy companion Lucy.

So, having just finished my day-2-day NYC blog and being the blog-aholic that I am, I’ve decided to document my life while he is away. Every small achievement, every doggy milestone every coffee drank will be here for him to see and know.
This is for him and will be written to him directly. But feel free to read along.

If you are interested to know about him or his progress in the world series you can follow his blog @


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