NYC Trip – Day 21 : DUMBO

Ah, last day. Sad yet happy at the same time. We took the subway to city hall and had coffee at a place around the corner called BLUE SPOON.

Clouds cleared to reveal a stunning last day adventure walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, to D.U.M.B.O and Brooklyn Heights. Explored some cute shops although not a lot to do as a few shops were closed on Monday’s (Mental note for future)

Down to GRIMALDI’S under the bridge. The 30 minute wait for a table was well worth it as we cooled our heels with some Olde Brooklyn soda and Brooklyn pilsners. Then came the biggest pizza we had ever seen! And tasted pretty damn good too. Also quite affordable so feel free to take the fam.

Back over the bridge to meet Todd at the apartment. Ducked down the road to converse over some happy hour Pabst Tinnies at the best little dingy pub called TRAILER PARK on 23rd between 7-8th. Really eclectic and retro mexican with friendly staff.

Met Catherine at THE SPOTTED PIG in the Greenwich Village where there was a 2 hour wait for dinner! So we followed our alcoholism around the corner to a little bar, 2 for 1 cocktails and a free tapas each, great meatballs and apple purée and cheese on crusted bread for desert (compliments of the chef. Wink wink). Back to the spotted pig for dinner, bottle of red (more Dolcetto D’Alba) , pork crackling and a mountain of shoe string fries. YUM!

In a cab to a bar called SUPER LINDA. Unfortunately the fact that it was a Monday night really didn’t make for the most social night out. Todd and I stop off on the way home for a drink at a downstairs pub called EAST OF EIGHTH in Chelsea. Not sure if i would recommend it or not but they were the only place on the whole trip that didn’t ask for I.D. If that’s helpful. Met a guy named Kenny that told us stories about his time in Sydney during Mardi Gras. Interesting.

All in all one of my favourite days…

All pics taken with a Canon 1000D or 1Phone3


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