NYC Trip – Day 19 : Williamsburg Pub Crawl

Bought a second $5 scarf from a street vendor on the way to the MET which was amazing! And huge. And wore us out. Note: entrance desks inside the MET say $25 keep in mind it is a ‘recommended’ price so you can pay as you like. Somehow we just walked through. Modern art was my favourite. Unfortunately not much photography.

We had lunch nearby in the Upper East Side at a place called EAT CAFE where we had the biggest slice of lemon meringue ever! Very expensive though so maybe recommend against taking families there.

Subway to Williamsburg to check out vintage stores most notably BEACONS CLOSET. Great stuff and
Cheap. We really have nothing good like this In oz. If you’re a vintage lover, Save your $ for this place!!

Williamsburg pub crawl – BROOKLYN BREWERY supplies and sponsers businesses and events all around Manhattan, and the brewery was right across the road from Beacons Closet. Very cool inside with a beer garden vibe, and free tours going during the day.

We went on to THE BEDFORD – dim lit, classy, great food. ALLSWELL – cute, SOFT SPOT– hipster, cool music, eclectic vibe, small.

Met Catherine at the subway and ran into some wierd brothers that lived on a farm. One played me the song sweet Lorraine by Nat king cole and then he proposed to me.

Went to a bar called HOTEL DELMANO and had a few wines and a cheese platter then down to BERRY PARK where we danced hard until the amount of sweat on us meant i was time to leave.

The girls were dying for Thai so we subwayed it to 3rd and 14 to searched for a Thai place. We found one but not worthy of wasting space in this sentence.
I had a small bout of homesickness and almost cried in my vermicelli. Actually i think we are all feeling a little homesick now.

Al pics taken with Canon 1000D

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