NYC Trip – Day 18 : Let’s go Yankees lets go!

‘Apparently’ we have bed bugs, which are ‘apparently’ running rampant through the city. Glamorous. Coldest day so far.
Rough night. Living in an apartment is great, I feel like I really enjoyed having the experience of living IN new York. But there are a few Downfalls. Chelsea is closer to the city and the place we stayed at was right near Madison square garden. So safe to say it was pretty busy and loud at night. Cabs, enthusiastic ranger fans, and loud rubbish trucks come through at 2.30am like clockwork. I would recommend staying in a quieter/ trendier district such as Soho or Williamsburg. There are some really nice and quiet parts of Brooklyn.

So once again Jess and I off on a determined coffee adventure and literally stumbled across a place called PORT on 23rd 7th and 8th. A hole in the wall. Great coffee!

Off to meet Catherine and Lauren at EATALY which is kind of like an Italian food Hall. We had a heavy lunch of pasta and pizza with bottle of red that Jess now has a penchant for called dolcetto d’alba. Recommendable. Jess and I broke away on a mission to find a tattoo parlor and accidentally stumble upon a cafe that made intellegistia coffee –EMPIRE CAKES . Found coffee but no tats.

Home to throw on 5 more layers before heading into a packed subway system to the YANKEES. Was awesome. Drank Beer hot dogs (snack box in times square still the best) and cheese fries and understood what was going on a very fundamental level. Was a lot of fun although ridiculously cold.Tip, buy your subway voucher in advance to avoid the rush on the way home.

Today i heard this song for the first time in years. Seemed so applicable and summed up my day entirely.

Pics taken with a Canon EOS 1000D, last pic courtesy of Jessica Reeve Via Instagram.


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