NYC Trip – Day 17 : Screw You Spicy Mustard!

Breakfast in CHELSEA at Parisian cafe LE GRAINNE CAFE only to have my brain blown out by spicy mustard. Tasted like chlorine and a small atom bomb had exploded up my nose. Jess kindly shared her French toast which redeemed the experience.

Walked down a section of the HIGH LINE which is an old raised train track that has been converted into a garden-like walkway and runs from W 34th all the way down to 14th Street. Scenic and peaceful.

Stopped in at a gorgeous store called ALL SAINTS in the MEAT PACKING DISTRICT. Met Catherine at the WHITNEY museum for the biennial. Not overly impressive, actually had a bit of a ‘my kid could do better than this vibe’. Stand out piece and personal favourite, saving the experience for me, was artist LATOYA RUBY FRAZIER. Her pieces spoke out about consumerism were really inspirational and encouraging.

Catherine wanted to take us to an authentic American diner, so we went to BURGER HEAVEN on the upper east side and literally gorged a feast of Burgers, curly fries, Cheese sticks, happy hour daiquiri’s and everything else sickening American.

Bloomingdale’s (so much better, and more expensive, than dj’s or Myers) and MAGNOLIA BAKERY for red velvet cheesecake. Yum!! Got Lost in the subway. Again. But made it back ok. On the way home i stopped in at the dodgy handbag shop and haggled for a good price on a black pleather handbag.

Photo 5 courtesy of Haley Johnston via r&h FB, all other pics taken with my Canon 1000D


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