NYC Trip – Day 16: Meatballs To The Walls

This time Jess took us on an early morning ‘adventure’ to BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE and we had crepes at Chelsea markets to sustain us on the subway ride to CONEY ISLAND ….only to find it wasn’t open. Remeber to do your research guys…

So… took the 40minute journey back to MADISON SQUARE PARK to SHAKE SHACK for unsurpassed hot dogs, burgers and shakes. Lots of humanized squirrels that stole chips but were so cute I wanted to take home.

Had a non-scheduled wander through lower Manhattan then off to every mans dream : the MEATBALL SHOP with Catherine and her lovely friend Meagan. This place was delectable, and i wasn’t even hungry! You get to choose your own meatballs, the sauce, your accompaniment, and then for dessert, you chose your biscuits and ice cream for an ice cream sandwich.

Then for a vino at THE OTHER ROOM, a few cocktails at THE RUSTY KNOT and another impromptu vino stop on the way home at THE SPOTTED PIG.


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