NYC Trip – Day 15 : Italy in Cheese & Wine

Woke up after midday and dragged ourselves to a traditional American diner (MALIBU DINER) for some bacon, eggs and pancakes. All at once. Drowning in ample syrup.

Todd and I went to Soho to buy him a suit for his conference. Got him into a casual suit jacket and some new jeans at Bloomingdales. Sister high-five.

Met up with the girls for Italian wine and cheese tasting at OTTO, a wine bar owned by renowned chef MARIO BATALI. Extremely fun. What did i learn? Um…… dry equals less sugar.

After we walked through to a bar called ZINC BAR and watched some Spanish jazz. The manager who was french and therefore loved Todd, fawned over us and was overly enthusiastic about being the worlds most charming host. Once we left we found out from the bouncer after that he was in fact not the manager but just some crazy guy that was, as Haley says, trying to get a tip from us for being an unofficial host. Can’t even get compliments for free in NYC.

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