NYC Trip – Day 13 : Chelsea Markets

It rained all through the night and continued all morning as coffee adventures began again. We tracked down a coffee-house called JOE – THE ART OF COFFEE on 9th and 23rd then walked down 19th street to TIPSY PARSON for drunk brunch – minus the drunk, as our stomach’s still weren’t feeling thier usual selves.

We walked from there in the icy cold (in thongs wtf Laraine!) to CHELSEA MARKETS, and so glad we did. Although, they aren’t so much markets as they are high-end stores in a market style building. Kinda like Diagon Ally but for shoppers. Truly magic. ANTHROPOLOGY is a homemakers dream and one of the most beautiful stores I have ever been in.

The girls slept again before they headed out to see THE DRUMS and i headed out in my gumboots on a solo mission to take pics of TIMES SQUARE at night. I have to say walking 20 blocks in the rain trying to take pictures without ruining my camera was surprisingly fun.

Happily had my first hot dog from not too dubious looking cart called SNACK BOX. Soo good.

Pics taken with a Canon 1000D


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