NYC Trip – Day 11 : Central Park

Still not feeling crash hot after yesterdays fun-sucking illness but off to CENTRAL PARK for a picnic! Of course the place to stop for supplies was WHOLEFOODS outside of which was a ‘Get rid of Obama’ stand! And i thought everyone loved Obama? We grazed in the sun with hundreds of others at Sheep Meadow. Yes, that’s its name.

We decided to walk the 30 blocks back to Chelsea through Times Square and search out THE LOVE SIGN. We did find it, although they were doing massive construction around it so we could only get pics at this mutated angle. Lame! But still happy. Through Times Square for the first time and found and attacked an M&M store. Only 4 in existence and now i’ve been to two of them!! (The others are in London & Orlando. Visiting them is now something i added to my 30 by 30 list)

Catherine introduced us to a wonderful restaurant called MISS LILY’S in NOHO which is African and was packed to the hilt! Wonderfully and refreshingly different food. Not to mention they make a slammin’ sangria and have the most beautiful hostess’s. We jumped in a cab to the MEAT PACKING DISTRICT, a super cool hub of bars, restaurants and designer stores. We sat for a wine and a giggle at THE STANDARD (with complimentary blankies: See below) and across the street from DIANE VON FURSTENBERG‘s house/store/design room/architectural monument and from the bar that apparently Coyote ugly was based on. The waiter told us the hotel above was famous for sex acts being performed in the windows, although we didn’t see any and not for lack of trying. My illness got the better of me and i went home early leaving the girls to it. They went to a bar called CHLOE 81 which Is supposed to be super hip.

Photo’s taken with a Canon EOS 1000D, an iPhone 3. DVF Image courtesy of Pics 7 & 8 courtesy of Alexandra Smelt via FB.


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